Toto 4D

What Is Toto 4D Malaysia?

Toto 4D is an excited lottery game. It is one of the popular four-digit lotteries in Malaysia. It allows flexibility in terms of both bet type and bet amount. You can win the jackpot if all of your selected numbers are exactly same with the numbers drawn in the lottery draw. It is operated by the national Sports Toto, an authorized retailor. Malaysians and visitors of the country can play this game.

How To Play?

If you are in Malaysia and want to play this game, it is simple and easy to participate. Here are the steps involved in better playing of Toto 4D.

  1. Selection of 4-digit number is an important step. You need to select a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. Orders of the digits can be repeated. For winning a prize, your selected numbers should match the number drawn in lucky draw. If you match the top number drawn, you will win the Toto 4D jackpot.
  2. You can play Toto 4D on bet also. You can play big bet or small bet. It entirely depends on you, what amount you select for the bet.
  3. A big bet gives you more chances of winning different prizes.  It includes first prize, second prize, and third prize, 10 special and 10 consolation prizes. While in a small bet, you have less chances to win but the prize amount is bigger than the big bet prizes.
  4. A small bet includes first, second, and a third prize.
  5. Prizes value depends on bet amount you choose for your convenience. If you choose a one-ringgit bet, the prize distribution for each bet type is like given in the chart below.
Prizes on betBig betSmall bet
1st prize2500 ringgits3500 ringgits
2nd prize1000 ringgits2000 ringgits
3rd prize500 ringgits1000 ringgits
10 special prizes180 ringgitsN/A
10 consolation prizes60 ringgitsN/A

How to buy and fill he ticket?

Sports Toto is the largest and authorized distributor of Toto 4D in Malaysia. You can easily buy the tickets from any sales outlet. There are 650 sales outlets expanded all over the country. You cannot buy Toto 4D ticket online as this service is not available currently.

You should purchase ticket before 7:00 pm on the day of drawing. If you get late, your ticket will not be entertained for that drawing. It will be considered for the next drawing. You cannot by the ticket if you are less than 21 as per Malaysian rule. To fill the ticket, follow the steps:

  • Select your four digit numbers.
  • Select your bet type and amount. The minimum bet amount is one ringgit. You can increase this amount and win accordingly.
  • You can also play with two additional opportunities – i-perm and roll.
  • For i-perm bet, you can choose a four-digit number and the bet type.  Your selected number can have the repeated numbers.The number of permutations is dependent on how many repeated digits your 4D number has. If your selected number has three similar numbers like 4999, the permutations of  i-perm bet can be – 4999, 9499, 9949 and 9994. If all the four digits are different, you can have 24 permutations.
  • For a roll bet you can select a 4D number in the form of R471. R shows numbers from 0-9.  In this bet, R can be replaced by digits from zero to nine. The minimum bet amount will be 10 ringgits because of 10 distinctive 4D numbers.

A permutation bet costs you the same amount as the standard bet but prizes are going to be smaller. The prize distribution for different permutations is given in the chart below.

permutationsBig betSmall bet
Four625 ringgits875 ringgits
Six417 ringgits584 ringgits
24105 ringgits146 ringgits

Toto 4D Drawings

Drawings are held on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at the Toto headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Anyone can come to see the lucky draw at 6:30 pm. You can visit the official Sports Toto website.

How To Claim?

If you win, you can claim your prize on same day at the venue of lottery draw. You can also submit your claim at the Sports Toto headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The payment of prizes begins on the next day of the drawing. Tax is not included. You get the whole amount of prize.

Prize claim is valid for 180 days after drawing. After that, your prize will be handed over to the Ministry of Finance fund.