Magnum 4D Results Wednesday 31 August 2022

It is one of the most popular 4-digit lottery games in Malaysia.  In this game you need to win the jackpot after selecting 4-digit numbers. You can play and win 4D Magnum classic. The amount of prizes depends on the amount of bet you invest. You can win RM 2500 on minimum play amount of RM 1. The jackpot increases as you pay more play amount.

Winning Numbers

1st Prize 1082
2nd Prize 4194
3rd Prize 3982

Five easy steps to play the Magnum 4D

If you are Malaysian permanent resident or visitor who is between 16-21years, you can play this game. Given below are the five easy steps to play the Magnum 4D successfully.

Step-1: Pick your numbers

To pick your 4-digit numbers, you need to go any authorized Magnum outlet. Select four digit numbers that ranges between 0000-9999.Your selected numbers look like 1234, 3455, 6789, and 0123. You need to select big forecast, small forecast or both. The minimum bet amount can be RM1. You can also play straight, permutation, roll and mbox for both big and small forecast.

Step-2: Buy your ticket

After you fill the ticket completely, pay for it and get our ticket. Download the app on your mobile to get the latest information and draws of the respective game.

Step-3: Watch the drawings

Drawing takes place at 7:00pm on every Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can see the results on the official website of Magnum 4D or simply download the Magnum app.

Step-4: Match your numbers

The most important step is the matching of your selected numbers with the numbers drawn. The winning amount depends on the method of your play and the bet amount either big or small forecast. The minimum play amount is RM 1. Before you checkout the details you should know the difference between big and small forecast.

In big forecast, you have can win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, special prize and consolation prizes while in small forecast you have less number of prizes. But the amount of prizes is higher than big forecast.

Prize structure

Given below is the prize structure, when you select one 4-digit number 1234 for RM 2, the prize amount for big and small can vary according to the method of play you select.

Prize structure for straight play

Number selected         1

Play amount                RM 2

PrizeAmount (RM)Big forecast (RM)Small forecast (RM)
1st prize6,00025003500
2nd prize300010002000
3rd prize15005001000
Special prize180180N/A
Consolation prize6060N/A

Prize structure for permutation and roll play

In permutation play prize structure remain same with only difference of your selected numbers that are 24 for play amount of RM 48. Similarly in roll play the only difference is the numbers you select are 10 for RM 20. In both methods, you have more chances to win.

Prize structure for Mbox

In mbox play, you select the 24 numbers for RM 2. Given below is the possible prize structure for RM 2. If you increase the Basic play amount, prize amount increases accordingly.

PrizeAmount (RM)Big forecast (RM)Small forecast (RM)
1st prize251105146
2nd prize1264284
3rd prize632142
Special prize88N/A
Consolation prize33N/A

Step-5: Claim your prize

If your numbers match with the numbers drawn, you are winner. Do not be lazy. Go to the lottery retailer before 180 days after drawing. Small amounts are paid on site. While for big prize, you need to submit the winning ticket. So, keep your ticket safe. Stolen or damaged ticket will not be entertained.

The prize amount can be paid in two ways. A lump sum or a cash option is that you can receive your whole amount at once. In an Annuity option, you can receive some amount at once but the remaining amount in 29 annual equal installments.

Rules of playing Magnum 4D

If you want to play Magnum 4D you must be aware of game rules.

  • Your age must be 16-21 years.
  • Select your numbers carefully.
  • Check the ticket before leaving the counter. Stolen or damaged ticket will useless.
  • To win, your all selected numbers should match the numbers drawn.
  • Tell the Lottery the payment method at the time of ticket purchase.

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