Singapore 4D Results Sunday 17 July 2022

It is an exciting online lottery game that can be played thrice a week. The minimum cost to play this game is $1 including GST. In this game you select 4-digit number from 0000-9999. You can win the prize against 23 sets of 4D winning numbers. You can even place a bet against any of these 23 sets of numbers and get any of the five prize categories.

Winning Number

1st Prize 9303
2nd Prize 4827
3rd Prize 5345

How To Play?

If you are interested to play this game, you can play at any outlet or online by making an account on the Singapore pools app. If you want to play from any Singapore lottery outlet, follow the steps given below.

  1. Firstly, get your ticket.
  2. Go to the authorized retailer of Singapore 4D lottery game, fill up the tickets, and pay for it.
  3. Select a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999 either self pick or quick pick.
  4. If you do not have numbers in your mind, ask system to generate numbers for you.
  5. Select Quick Pick, so that system will randomly select numbers for you.
  6. Select the bet type, mark the amount for your play. The minimum cost is $1.
  7. Fill the ticket carefully and submit to the retailer.

Singapore 4D Bet Types

There are different bet types on which cost is different. Similarly on each bet you have the chances of winning the prize. Let’s discuss the bet types.

Big Bet

In big bet, you have the chances of winning all five categories of prizes. First, 2nd, 3rd , special and consolation prizes. The 23 sets of winning numbers are divided into five categories. If you play for big bet, your 4D numbers should match all the five categories.

Small Bet

In small bet, you play in the first three categories. You have the chances of winning the first three prizes. You can play big bet, small bet or both on each play.

Methods To Play Singapore 4D

There are different methods to play the game. The difference is about the combinations of numbers and the cost of bet. Let’s discuss various methods to play the game.

Ordinary Entry

In this bet, you select four digits in a specific order. If your selected numbers matches any of the winning numbers in the same order you win a prize. The cost of bet is $1 for one 4d combination.

4D Rolls

In this bet, you select three digits of your choice and one rolling digit in a specific order. R stands for rolling digit that may be any number from 0-9. For better understanding, look at the chart below.

Bet Type                                 4D Roll

Total digits you select             3

4D number combinations        10

Cost of bet                              $ 10

System Entry

In this type of bet, youselect four digits and place bets on all its possible combinations. The cost of each 4D number combination is minimum of $1.

4D number combinationsCost of System Entry Bet ($)
24 (four different digits as 1234)24
12 (2 different and one pair as 1123)12
6 (2 pairs as 1122)6
4(3 same and one different number as 1112)4


For iBet, you select four digit numbers and place a bet on all combinations for $1 cost in total.

For iBet, you can see the difference of cost.

4D number combinationsCost of System Entry Bet ($)
24 (four different digits as 1234)1
12 (2 different and one pair as 1123)1
6 (2 pairs as 1122)1
4(3 same and one different number as 1112)1

How To Win?

For each bet type, you have different combinations. If your selected numbers match with the combinations drawn, you win the game. The prize amount depends on prize category, bet type and its cost. The prize table for each bet type with its cost is given below. It can help you better understand how much money you can receive for each bet.

Prize amount for playing Ordinary entry and 4D Roll for each $1 big and small bet are explained in the table below.

PrizePrize amount on Big BetPrize amount on Small bet

Similarly, you have more number of chances to play and win the exciting prizes if you select iBet.


You can purchase the tickets from any outlet or online before 6pm before draw. Draws take place in three days of week. You can attend live draw at every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm. In each lucky draw, five prize categories are drawn against 23 sets of winning 4D numbers across each draw.If the numbers drawn on any of the 23 sets of numbers exactly match your numbers, you win the prize.

How to Claim Prize?

If you are winner, go to the retailer and claim for the prize.  You should claim the prize within the 90 days of drawing. Small amounts are paid at the spot while big prizes are paid either once or in instalments divided into 24 parts.


You should follow the rules and precautions for best play. Some of the precautions are given below.

  • Be responsible while playing,
  • Fill up the ticket carefully and keep it safe.
  • Do not get your ticket damage otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • Do not play if you are below 18.

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